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All we do is helping patients struggling with fertility issues. We help you along your IVF journey. And our greatest luck is that we are not doing this on our own! We also have supporters who help us day in and day out.

The Donor Conception Network’s vision is a society where a climate of openness and understanding about donor conception enables people considering it to make informed decisions and helps build families who are confident, accepted and have a secure identity.

The Donor Conception Network delivers high quality, non-judgemental and inclusive support and information to would-be and current parents and their children to enable them to navigate the often complex and individual journey of donor conception. We offer meetups around the UK and Ireland, UK conferences and a range of opportunities online and in-person to connect with others offering mutual peer support. We help parents in being open with their children and the wider community (as appropriate) and provide resources and services for people to consider the why, how and when of ‘telling’. With over 25 years’ experience we are experts in our field.

We are a pioneering parent-led and child-centred organisation and a trusted authority on the social and emotional aspects of building or expanding a family using donor conception. We are at the forefront of the donor conception movement, bringing our long experience and the voices of our members to inform professionals, practitioners and policy makers in the UK and worldwide.

IVF Media Ltd. manages various websites for patients looking for IVF treatment options abroad and patients looking for answers to common fertility questions. On our websites, patients may find useful resources including articles, guides, comparisons helping them making informed decisions regarding fertility treatment.

Whatever your IVF story is, MyIVFanswers.com is a great solution for you! From now on, you’ll find all the most commonly asked IVF questions answered in one place. As we greatly understand doubts and concerns that fertility patients have to deal with on everyday basis, we have decided to initiate a project that will serve as reliable and trusted source of IVF information.

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